Rate Plans


Most of RECC’s members are billed on a rate schedule with a monthly Facilities Charge and an Energy Charge. Our monthly billing statements show the calculations used to determine the billing amount due.

The Facilities Charge is a fixed amount that includes the basic cost associated with providing electric service to an account, including transformer, metering, billing and accounting.

The Energy Charge is the cost of purchasing and delivering the kilowatt hours used at an account. As a distribution cooperative, we do not generate our own electricity; we purchase all of our power through a wholesale contract.

Larger accounts may be on a rate that also includes a Demand Charge, based on the highest kilowatt demand registered during the month. This charge places a value on the way electricity is used, and encourages members to spread their usage over more hours of the month as compared to using a lot of electricity for just a few hours each month.

RECC offers incentive rates and options to reduce our cost of providing electricity and save the members on their monthly bills. For more details on our rate schedules, contact our office.

Dual Meter

Grain Drying Rate