Pay Now

Bill Pay Online“Pay Now” is one of two options that you can choose to make an online payment on your electric bill! You will need your RECC account number to make a payment, with either a credit card, debit card or electronic transfer from a bank account (“check by phone payment”). If you make infrequent online electric payments, this is a simple option to use.

If you plan to regularly make online payments with Rural Electric, you might choose our SmartHub site for easy access and more options on your payments and notifications. You need your account number to sign up initially, but you’ll enter an e-mail address and personal security code for future visits to the site. Click here to see a short video on the features of SmartHub.

You can also choose to keep a credit card, debit card or checking account number “on file” in SmartHub, so that you don’t have to re-enter it each month. It’s stored securely for your protection.

To go to the SmartHub site, click here.

To go to the simpler Pay Now site, click here.

RECC accepts payments online or by phone using Visa, MasterCard, and transfer from bank accounts.

Thank  you for using our online services!