Co-op Community Grants

$5,000 Co-op Community Grant Application Form

 Rural Electric Convenience Cooperative is offering three organizations the chance to receive a $5,000 Co-op Community Grant. The three grants, totaling $15,000, are comprised of RECC’s contribution of $7,500 and matching funds provide by CoBank’s Sharing Success program.  Only one grant may be given within the same organization. Rural Electric Convenience Cooperative reserves the right to photograph the grant winners and use the photos for publicity purposes. Recipients must provide written proof of completion detailing how the grant funds were used.

All applications should include the following details:

  1. A description of the project and what it will accomplish.
  2. The estimated cost of the project itemized if appropriate.
  3. An explanation of why outside funds are necessary to carry out the project.
  4. When the project would be completed.
  5. The number of people affected by the project.
  6. Are items purchased reusable and will they benefit people in the future.

Eligibility is limited to organizations located in RECC’s service area.

Deadline: Application forms must be received at Rural Electric Convenience Cooperative’s office by mail, drop-off delivery or e-mail no later than March 1, 2020. Awards will be announced by May 1, 2020

Judging Process:

Applications will be reviewed by an impartial panel of judges. If necessary, applicants may be contacted for additional information.


Applicant’s Name ________________________________________ Title _____________________________


Organization Name ________________________________________________________________________


Organization Address ______________________________________________________________________


Daytime Phone Number (       ) ____________________ E-mail ____________________________________


Signed: ________________________+________________ Date: ___________________________________



Contact Information:                                          

Mail to:            Sandy Lex, Member Services Liaison

E-mail to:         sandy.lex@recc.coop

Phone:             (217) 438-6198