Energy Efficiency

RECC has always encouraged our members to use electric energy wisely and efficiently. Our educational program, rebates and rate structures have made us one of the top co-ops in the state in geothermal and heat pump installations, and we provide resources like the Illinois Touchstone Energy Home construction guidelines and the “Your Family Is Unique” energy guide to help consumers save energy and money.

Together We Save

A new energy-savings campaign was recently introduced by the nation’s Touchstone Energy cooperatives. including a fun web site with a wealth of information on saving energy in your home! Five new TV commercials can also be viewed, along with videos that help explain home weatherization projects.
Go to TogetherWeSave.com

HomeEnergySuite – Your energy savings information center!
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Area Insulation Contractors 
Looking for someone to install insulation in your home, or do some weatherization projects? Click here for a list of dealers that you can contact!

Energy Star program

Americans saved enough energy in 2011 to avoid greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those from 25 million cars – all while saving $14 billion on their utility bills – thanks to the government’s popular ENERGY STAR program. RECC has been approved as an ENERGY STAR partner to make our members more aware of the energy and money savings available through better efficiency.

From product labeling and efficiency guidelines to consumer education, ENERGY STAR is a valuable tool for reducing our energy consumption. To visit the ENERGY STAR web site, click here.
Choose from the links below to learn more about using energy efficiently!

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Energy Audits – Including an on-line audit you can do yourself!

Your Family is Unique – Appliance usage estimates and energy-saving tips

Electric Heating Systems

Geothermal Alliance of Illinois


Energy Star at Work – Energy saving ideas for the workplace