Dual Meter Program

RECC members can save on electric heating, air conditioning and water heating with our Dual Meter rate! A home with electricity as the primary heat source and electric water heater qualifies for a separate Dual Meter which is billed at a special rate of 7.5 cents per kilowatt hour plus any applicable power cost adjustments. There is a $7.50 per month facilities charge for this meter and billing program. Other electric usage such as lights and appliances is still billed at the normal residential rate. In return for this special rate, the member allows the cooperative to connect a load management switch to their water heater and air conditioner. On summer days with peak electric demand, RECC sends a  signal to cycle the operation of air conditioners (15 minutes on / 15 minutes off) and turn off water heater elements for a few hours to control peak demands and reduce our wholesale power cost. Water heaters may also be turned off during non-summer months to reduce our peak demands and lower our cost of wholesale power. Most members experience little or no inconvenience during this load management period.

Some changes in the monthly and seasonal minimums have been made in the Dual Meter rate, to encourage use of installed electric heating systems during the winter  months. Seasonal homes or owners who wish to use wood or other fuel sources for a significant portion of their heating needs may not see a net savings from the Dual Meter rate. For more details, contact the RECC office.