Convectair Heating

Perhaps you’re looking for extra warmth and a dry towel, or a high-performance heater to back up your main heating source. Or maybe you just want to feel comfortable in your favorite room. Whatever the need, Convectair has the right model for you. Convectair energy efficient units can transform any cold spot into a warm comfort zone.

Efficient, economical and safe. Providing gentle, even heat throughout any room, Convectair heaters are equipped with an efficient electronic thermostat that prevents huge  swings in your room’s air temperature. And the Convectair safety features offer you much-needed peace of mind.

Quality products that are simple and easy to use. Convectair has more than 20 years experience in home electric heating. They design products that last a lifetime. Convectair units are user-friendly–simply plug them in! All are equipped with a thermostat so that you can set your own comfort zone, and the bathroom units come with a timer for heat that’s almost instantaneous.

Warm air is directed forward to heat the room, not the wall. The result? The warm air mixes more quickly with ambient air, and the temperature is more even throughout the room. Stop by Rural Electric Convenience Cooperative’s office in Auburn , and see the Convectair display in action. Or, learn more about Convectair at www.convectair.com.