Energy Audits

We want to help you use ALL your energy efficiently! We can do a free home inspection to identify possible energy wasters, and suggest ideas to cut your energy bills. Contact our office to schedule a visit.

Great energy ideas at Together We Save!

Take the Energy Savings Home Tour to see where you can make energy improvements and see how much money you can save. See testimonials from other co-op members, see how-to videos and much more at this site from Touchstone electric cooperatives!

We also have booklets with great energy tips for new or existing structures, for you to read online or print out. Check these out:

101 Low Cost/No Cost Home Energy Saving Measures

Tips for saving energy on water heating, laundry, kitchen, lighting, heating and air conditioning, and more!

 Home Energy Savings Guide

For existing homes, or planning a new house, read about windows,
air infiltration, appliances, selecting a building contractor, and
other tips.

Local Insulation Contractors
Some area contractors that can provide insulation and weatherization services for your home.