Business Development Services

RECC purchases all of its wholesale power from Soyland Power Cooperative, which is made up of 11 co-ops in central Illinois. Soyland member cooperatives provide a variety of business development services, including:

  • Community Development Assistance
  • New Business/Industry Facility Location Assistance
  • Existing Business/Industry Facility Retention and Expansion Assistance
  • Project Financing Assistance


These services are coordinated by Soyland Power, with community contacts at each local cooperative.

Community Development Assistance
Soyland member and affiliated electric cooperatives are involved in numerous local, state and national economic development organizations. These organizations include: private, public and private/public sector economic development corporations, foundations, councils, commissions, chambers of commerce, in addition to trade associations. Through membership in these organizations, cooperative staffs have knowledge of and access to local, regional, state and national economic development professionals, programs and resources. We can provide direct or referral technical and financial support for:

  • Community Planning
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Property Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Community Marketing for Investment


New Business/Industry Location Assistance 
We provide a variety of new business/industry location assistance. These services include providing:

  • Available Site and Building Information
  • Community/Regional Demographic Information
  • Local and State Cost-of-Doing-Business Data
  • Energy Cost Studies, Equipment and Services Information
  • Electric Facilities Planning and Engineering Assistance
  • Information on Local, State and National Financing and Training
  • Assistance Programs
  • Information on Business/Industry Location Incentives
  • Information on Local, Regional and State Development Agencies, Their Contacts, Services and Programs
  • Site, Building and/or Community Tours
  • Low-Interest Financing


These services are provided at no cost or obligation to business or industry officials seeking assistance to locate new facilities in the service areas of Soyland member electric cooperatives.

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Existing Business/Industry Assistance 
Soyland member cooperatives are committed to the retention and expansion of existing business and industrial members. Business/industry retention and expansion assistance relates to:

  • Energy Use and Billing Consultant Services
  • Electric Technologies and Processes
  • Power Quality Diagnostic Assistance
  • Business Facility Retention or Expansion Opportunities


Project Financing Assistance 
Soyland member cooperatives can provide access to local, state and national financial assistance programs and agencies. Soyland cooperatives also provide low-interest financing programs for new or expanding business and industry.

Participation Loan Program
Soyland Power Cooperative has developed and implemented a “Participation Loan Program” for use within affiliated distribution cooperative systems. Under this program, up to 25 percent of the total project cost of a business expansion or new facility location (with a maximum limit of $300,000) can be financed by Soyland at a rate of prime minus 1 percent. The project must include bank financing with the length of loans not to exceed that of the financial lender, the life expectancy of the item being financed or 10 years whichever is less. Program loan funds can be utilized for land and building acquisition, construction, facility renovation and expansion costs, machinery and equipment purchases, furniture and fixture purchases, inventory and working capital. The project must be located within the service territory of a Soyland-affiliated distribution cooperative. Loans are available for projects utilizing new electric loads of 100 kilowatts up to 3 megawatts (3,000 kilowatts) of electricity, with a minimum of 100 kilowatts required to participate in the program.

Available Sites Inventory
Soyland and its member cooperatives maintain business/industry site and building inventories. These property inventories include:

  • Sites: Available acreage, physical location, property owner(s), zoning, terrain, transportation system accessibility, utility infrastructure, sale/or lease price and terms, available development incentives and aerial photographs.
  • Buildings: Available square feet, physical location, property owner(s), physical features (e.g.’ ceiling heights, floor thickness, sprinklers, truck docks, cranes, etc.), land acreage, zoning, transportation system accessibility, utility infrastructure, sale/or lease price and terms, available development incentives and interior and exterior photographs. Property tours and information are available upon request at no cost or obligation.
  • Sites Across America: Our Touchstone Energy cooperatives offer a web site to help real estate and site selection professionals pinpoint prime real estate in America’s high growth areas served by electric cooperatives. In addition to available sites and building locations, you can find local co-op contacts and helpful community demographics and links. Click here to visit this site.


For additional information on Soyland Power Cooperative, its Economic Development Services and Business Development Opportunities, please contact:

Aaron Ridenour
Manager Marketing & Business Development
Soyland Power Cooperative
1122 Wall St.
Jacksonville, IL 62651
Phone: 217/243-1615
Fax: 217-245-1705
E-mail: aridenour@soyland.com

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